Kazaa Lite Resurrection




Kazaa is back!!


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After the desaparition of Kazaa Lite, new programers have done this resurrectio, which is valid for the same net.

You can even install Kazaa Lite Resurrection on top of any Kazaa Lite K++ and all your settings will be remembered.

You already know Kazaa, one of the most used sharing files networks, and maybe the most accurate when downloading music.

Kazaa Lite Resurrection has been very well received by the file sharing community for trying to keep Kazaa Lite widely available, free of charge, without any malware, spyware or adware included.

Resurrection picks up where Kazaa Lite K++ was left, after Sharman Networks shut down the Kazaa Lite K++ project. Kazaa Lite Resurrection, offers updated and new tools, for the current times. It also integrates the latest ideas and support that a user would need.
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